Dr. William Clark

In September 28, 2016
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Dr. William Clark
Title :CEO
Organization:Eli Patrick & Co.

Creating a Sustainable Nonprofit with Self-Leaders

The competitive landscape for nonprofits has brought to the forefront an important need for nonprofits to plan for sustainability. A sustainable nonprofit thinks about how to generate new unrestricted revenue to maintain programs. They support their programs through earned income strategies that are directly connected to the social mission of the nonprofit. Traditional sources of revenue such as grants, donations, and fundraisers are important to supporting a nonprofit; however, there is a need for nonprofits to explore their potential to earn income independent of these traditional sources. 

The infrastructure of a sustainable nonprofit is a continuous relationship between an organization’s leadership, people, and renewable resources. This workshop will exclusively focus on the leadership components of sustainability. More specifically, Dr. William Clark will lead a discussion about self-leadership – the ability to influence self to achieve a set of goals. He will address concepts like re-creating thought patterns and establishing self-awareness strategies. Attendees will learn that the formation of self-leadership creates other self-leaders and a self-leading organization. A self-leading organization combines their skills and knowledge to develop high-performing quality programs and establishes how to monetize these skills to support the organizations programs.

Dr. William Clark is the CEO of Eli Patrick & Co. where they help nonprofit organizations and churches develop leaders and manage change. Dr. Clark has over 15 years of experience in developing leaders, managing change and strategy development.

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