Sondra Dellaripa

In September 28, 2016
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Sondra Dellaripa
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Title:President/Principal Consultant
Organization:Harvest Development Group, LLC

Diversity and Inclusion for Emerging and Minority Leadership

According to a study conducted by the D5 Coalition in 2014, African Americans made up only 3% of all CEO/President roles. Shocking? It should be! Many organizations believe they have addressed diversity and inclusion within their organizations. And yet studies continue to point out the self-reinforcing cycle causing the majority of white staff in leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.

In this session, Sondra Dellaripa, president of Harvest Development Group, and Jamal Jimerson, executive director of the Minority Inclusion Project, will ways to break this cycle and how nonprofits can identify and groom talent for leadership roles, especially for minority professionals.

This facilitated and interactive session will serve as a "conversation starter" toward a path of strategy and action on the part of participants to change their organization's path to inclusion.

Learning Objectives

Individuals will learn:

  • About the current state of diversity and inclusion in the NPO Sector
  • How are nonprofits failing at diversity and inclusion
  • What obstacles organizations face and how can you overcome them

This session is co-facilitated by Jamal Jimerson. 

Sondra Dellaripa is president and principal consultant at Harvest Development Group, LLC. Her 20 year career includes executive leadership roles with several large healthcare organizations.

Her co-facilitator, Jamal Jimerson is founder and CEO of Minority Inclusion Project (MIP). His 16 year career includes executive and senior leadership with community organizations across Connecticut.

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