Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg (Rabbi G)

In October 17, 2016
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Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg (Rabbi G)
Keynote Speakers
Title:Founder and International Director
Organization:Kids Kicking Cancer

"Power Peace Purpose" - Tools for Life and Limitless Leadership

Stress not only heightens pain, it shortens our lives. At the very same time it can challenge our ability to take control of our lives. The children of Kids Kicking Cancer are veterans in dealing with stress. Their techniques have inspired major corporations across the globe "to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness." Kids Kicking Cancer has been featured in peer reviewed medical journals as well as People Magazine, the Today Show, the Early Show, Good Morning America and the CNN Top Ten Heroes Special amongst many other media outlets.

Learning Objectives

Individuals will:

  • Understand the dynamic challenges of stress to decision-making and executive brain function

  • Learn the opportunities provided by stress related situations in leadership and life

  • Learn the Kids Kicking Cancer Breath Brake™ and how to simply integrate it into home and office

  • Learn simple meditative techniques that can be replicated in any environment

  • Learn how to create a teaching environment of empowerment in any organization/corporate setting

Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, or Rabbi G. as the children call him, is a black belt, professor of pediatrics and a father who lost his first child to leukemia. In 1999 he began Kids Kicking Cancer teaching 10 patients at Children’s Hospital of Michigan martial arts as a therapy to conquer pain, fear, despondency and anger. This past year, Kids Kicking Cancer taught over 3,000 children in 45 institutions in 4 countries.

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