Marc Engel

In September 28, 2016
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Marc Engel
Talent Acquisition & Pipeline Development
Title :Attorney
Organization:Lerch Early & Brewer, Chartered

Why, in Creating Effective Talent and Culture Strategies, All Roads Lead to Hiring?

A discussion of talent and culture in nonprofit organizations is intrinsically linked to hiring. The core questions of who to hire, how to hire, when to hire, how to cultivate talent, and how to establish a successful culture are easy to raise, but much harder to meaningfully answer. Nonprofits have missions and, to borrow a concept from the for profit world, they have “brands”. Success leave clues. How do organizations increase the likelihood that their hiring decisions will prove to be correct in the short term and the long term? How do successful organizations consistently work to retain successful employees? What proactive steps do organizations take to learn lessons from their employees who leave and were not a good “fit”? What are the legal issues associated with hiring and cultivating talent, and developing a culture of success that is consistent with the organization’s mission statement and at the same time enticing to employees?

This session is co-facilitated by Alan Luba.

Marc R. Engel, Esq. is an employment attorney and litigator at Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chartered where he co-chairs the firm's Employment and Labor Group. He advises employers of all types on employment issues, including wage and hour and overtime issues, performs human resource audits, and conducts training.

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