Lisa Wright Ponce

In December 14, 2016
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Lisa Wright Ponce
Title :Director of Project Consulting, Chicago Practice Leader
Organization:Nonprofit HR
The Impact of Dysfunctional Leadership and HR’s Role in Bringing Order from Chaos

Dysfunctional leaders, left unchecked, can cause irreparable harm to an organization’s internal talent, external perception, or mission and can even lead to organizational crisis. What are the signs your nonprofit may be suffering from dysfunctional leadership? And what can you do about it? Join three of Nonprofit HR’s senior leaders as they discuss the leadership challenges they’ve observed firsthand, solutions they’ve helped to bring about and the impact that these solutions have had.

Lisa Wright Ponce, Senior HR Business Partner and Chicago Practice Leader, has a proven capacity for strategically assessing diverse organizations and designing multi-faceted workplace solutions, leveraging her nearly 20 years of nonprofit and for-profit sector experience.  Through her work in organizational culture assessment and change management, Lisa has become an advisor to nonprofit executives who are undertaking business and cultural transformation and changing their operational models.  Frequently, Lisa serves as interim HR leader, helping clients solve their most complex leadership and talent challenges in strategic areas such as: talent acquisition, talent management, talent assessment, human resources strategy, competency development, succession planning, career path development, and coaching. Lisa has also successfully completed engagements in performance management, training and development, and human resource compliance assessment. Lisa holds a master’s degree in human resources from Loyola University Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University.

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