Kary Perez

In November 1, 2016
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Kary Perez
Culture as a Lever for Impact
Title:Senior Strategist
Organization:TMI Strategy

Our "Pill in the Twinkie": How we utilize 'startup culture' to translate 23-years of knowledge to our millennial staff 
There's a lot of talk about who millennials really are, what they want, and how they thrive. (Spoiler alert: most companies and organizations get it wrong, even though millennials make up the majority of the workforce now!) In this session, we'll cover how DoSomething.org, the world's largest organization for young people and social change, utilizes 'startup culture' to maximize our staff's individual and collective potential -- 85% of whom are millennials -- to impact our 5.3 million members every day.

You will leave with concrete examples of culture tweaks and traditions used at DoSomething.org so you can jump-start a culture of impact in your office.

This session is co-facilitated by Sam Arpino

Kary equips powerhouse brands with tools that motivate young people to take social action. She is devoted to women’s empowerment, social and economic justice, and is an ally to anyone that feels they might not have a voice. She also loves travel and has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture.

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