Karan Ferrell-Rhodes

In September 28, 2016
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Karan Ferrell-Rhodes
Talent Acquisition & Pipeline Development
Title :Owner
Organization:Shockingly Different Leadership

Is Your Organization Unintentionally Sabotaging Your High Potential Talent?

Nonprofit leaders love to talk about inspiring their high potential leaders to create game-changing impact within the organization. Executives sit on the edge of their seats - eager to witness this talented group of employees implement mind-blowing innovation, turn under-performing departments into success stories and revive departments from the brink of extinction. The inconvenient truth is that most organizations actually are sabotaging, although unintentionally, their most promising talent and driving them to look for greener pastures outside of the organization.

Based on her years of research of over 5000 high potential leaders, Karan will provide a riveting presentation on the top forms of high potential “talent sabotage” and how to integrate small, but vital elements into your current talent rhythms in order to achieve optimal engagement, confidence, and performance from your key talent.

Learning Objectives

Individuals will:

  • Understand the concept of “high potential sabotage”
  • Understand the disconnect between what development is commonly offered vs what high potentials actually need in order to become stronger leaders
  • Evaluate the benefits of adding differentiation training as a component of your development programs in order to increase employee engagement and get better data for your succession planning processes

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes is the founder of Shockingly Different Leadership, a global high potential leadership development and leadership branding consultancy, which provides practical programs to increase the leadership effectiveness of high performing talent. She is also a renowned expert on the concept of differentiated leadership.

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