Kaitlyn Hudgins

In September 28, 2016
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Kaitlyn Hudgins
Talent Acquisition & Pipeline Development
Title :Director of Strategic Partnerships
Organization:Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Investing in Our Future: How to Attract, Engage and Retain Top Talent

In this highly-interactive workshop, participants will learn the strategies Corporate America uses to attract young professionals away from the nonprofit sector. They will see startling statistics that indicate recruiting best-and-brightest candidates will become an even greater challenge.

The session will discuss the true cost of employee turnover (spoiler: it costs your organization more than you think!). Participants will test-drive the Alliance’s exclusive Cost-of-Turnover Calculator©, using their organizations’ actual employment data. They will dive into how the drivers of retention change between generations, and look at innovative nonprofits that create inclusive environments supporting diversity and intergenerational cohesiveness. They will use an employee engagement assessment to rank their own organization on a retention strategy. Work plans will include specific action steps, barriers, and timeframe so participants can implement when they return to the office on Monday.

Kaitlyn Hudgins is the director of strategic partnerships for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance where she oversees national nonprofit partnerships, strategic partnerships, nonprofit memberships, and talent networks. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University with a BA in Anthropology, and holds a Masters in Public Administration from Clemson University.

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