Julia Gaspar-Bates

In September 28, 2016
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Julia Gaspar-Bates
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Organization:Intercultural Alliances

Biases, Boundaries and Bridges - Enhancing Cultural Self-Awareness to Move Beyond Stereotyping 

Today's non-profit leaders are increasingly working in complex multicultural environments that require additional cultural knowledge and skills to succeed with their missions. A lack of cultural self-awareness and sensitivity present challenges that may impede daily interactions with colleagues and clients. This interactive session will allow participants to examine the impact culture has on their work, the potentially negative attitudes towards differences, and ways to build trust and empathy across cultural borders to thrive in a culturally-diverse and perhaps globally-dispersed workplace.

Individuals will engage in thought-provoking activities and dialogue and explore:

  • The cultural factors that have shaped their identities and their expectations of how they work
  • The conscious and unconscious biases they hold towards others in the workplace
  • The physical, attitudinal, behavioral, spatial, and metaphorical boundaries they create as a result of these biases
  • Strategies to move beyond biases and stereotyping to build bridges by empowering others and building authentic and lasting relationships

Julia Gaspar-Bates is the president of Intercultural Alliances, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm, and an adjunct professor at George Washington University. She has trained thousands of executives, educators/students, military personnel and governmental and non-profit employees on four continents in multiple languages to develop cultural agility and to foster global leadership.

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