Jim Jubelirer

In September 28, 2016
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Jim Jubelirer
Talent Acquisition & Pipeline Development
Title :Owner
Organization:Jubelirer Results Group

Why You Suck at Hiring – And What You Can Do About It!

Why do nonprofits do a poor job of finding and evaluating prospective employees? Only 1 in 4 hires is a top performer, and poor hiring decisions have a huge impact on your team, time, and resources.

You will walk away with a comprehensive list of best practices that will ensure you hire only the best people and create a high-performance culture within your organization. Are you ready to build the best team possible?

Learning Objectives

Individuals will:

  • Review common weaknesses in the hiring processes
  • Explore our human biases and how they cost us
  • Perform a talent assessment of your organization
  • Discover real-world tools that can guide you through the best practices of effective hiring

Jim Jubelirer is a Certified Gazelles coach, one of only 150 people worldwide helping organizations apply the "Scaling Up" business growth framework. He brings the best practices in both business and personal development to individuals and organizations that are committed to have their best year ever.

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