Jean-Marie Navetta

In September 22, 2016
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Jean-Marie Navetta
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Title:Director of Equality and Partnerships
Organization:PFLAG National

Are You Really LGBT-Inclusive? Leveraging Allies to Transform Nonprofit Workplace Culture

Workplaces have led the way in creating LGBT-inclusive and policies in the U.S., frequently developing protections where laws do not. However, progress in policy efforts often masks the deep challenges in creating inclusive environments for people who are LGBT. Rates of not being out at work, experiences of discrimination and exclusion, and fear of damage to personal brands impede LGBT employees’ ability to thrive at work. It results in less innovation, lower rates of being out, suppressed productivity, and high turnover. Until leaders in organizations – often driven by HR and diversity professionals – directly address this policy/culture gap, the dream of full inclusion is elusive.

We’ll discuss this gap, how it’s developed, and its impact on organizations. More importantly, we’ll address how cultivation of allies, through education and engagement efforts, can transform workplace culture. What do leaders need to be part of the solution? What are the trademarks of successful LGBT-ally workplace programs? How can nonprofits learn from corporate successes and adapt them to their environments? How can nonprofit workplaces sustain ally efforts and make them successful and intersectional? Find out about effective strategies, how to sidestep pitfalls, and ways to build your organization’s efforts to become fully LGBT inclusive.

Jean-Marie Navetta leads PFLAG National’s education and inclusion efforts. She’s the author of four books on LGBT allyship, has developed more than 15 learning sessions on the topic, and worked with over 120 organizations to build their inclusion efforts. She’s living proof that philosophy majors can hold real jobs.

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