Jamie Notter

In November 1, 2016
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Jamie Notter
Culture as a Lever for Impact, Impact Session
Organization:Culture That Works LLC

Unlocking the Power of Your Organization's Genetic Code
Culture is becoming an increasingly important driver of competitive advantage for organizations, yet leaders struggle when it comes to improving culture and making it stronger. They put their core values on the wall, and perhaps run some engagement surveys, but they fail to move the needle. What's missing is a deeper understanding of the true dynamics that make your culture tick. In this session, Jamie explores the powerful results emerging from the Workplace Genome™ project, where organizations start by deepening their understanding of what it's REALLY like to work there, measured by 8 key dynamics. Jamie will share practical advice on how participants in the project have been able to use that deeper knowledge to make concrete internal changes that have improved performance and made them an employer of choice.

Jamie has been consulting and speaking for organizations since 2001, applying his expertise and unique ability to work through the most challenging conversations to deliver powerful results for clients of all sizes and from a variety of industries. Starting originally in the field of international conflict resolution, Jamie leveraged his experience working in areas of ethnic conflict into a successful management consulting practice, specializing in nonprofit trade associations and professional societies.

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