Gracie Johnson-Lopez

In September 22, 2016
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Gracie Johnson-Lopez
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Title:President/Principal Consultant
Organization:Diversity & HR Solutions

Empowering Inclusion: Understanding Unconscious Bias

This highly interactive session includes the definition and impact of unconscious biases. How do our biases develop? Are we consciously aware of how much of our decision-making is automatic, based on belief systems that we absorbed from our early lives? Raising awareness of personal biases enables us to become more conscious of bias-based assumptions, encouraging us to seek more information and our perspectives leading to: higher self-perception, enhanced problem-solving, improved logical reasoning and better client/employee relationships. The session discussion moves us away from the “good person/bad person” paradigm of diversity to a more accurate depiction: we all have bias of one kind or another and why it matters. Participants will identify and examine their biases to consider how they impact our actions with others, both in our jobs and in our lives.

Learning Objectives

Individuals will:

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of the filters they use to view, interpret and judge themselves and others in personal and workplace settings
  2. Identify patterns in how they evaluate, assess, interact, think, and work with other people
  3. Begin to reveal personal and organizational values and norms, where those values come from, and how they impact the quality and effectiveness of our management decisions

Gracie Johnson-Lopez is the president of Diversity & HR Solutions. She has worked as a diversity consultant  for over 25 years and is a thought leader committed to inclusion, equity and workplace empowerment. She partners with non-profits to provide impactful training and transformational consultation to build and sustain healthy work cultures.

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