Gala Goodwin

In October 21, 2016
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Gala Goodwin
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Title:Diversity Officer
Organization:Greenpeace USA

Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: Developing a Path to Equity

Have you been investing heavily in diversity and inclusion with only marginal success? With the changing demographics of the US it is more important than ever that organizations have a workforce that reflects the communities they serve. Many mission driven organizations have launched wide-scale diversity and inclusion efforts, yet these efforts have failed to create the radical change and long-term success organizations are seeking.

Incorporating equity into diversity and inclusion efforts is key in developing a diverse and inclusive organizational culture. This session will focus on necessity of equity has a driver for impactful diversity and inclusion commitments. Beyond a space at the table or a fresh face on new marketing materials, equity places a demand on the power we hold and how we share it. Equity disrupts normative, and counterintuitive practices of discrimination. Equity guarantees fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement-- all are the underpinnings of effective diversity and inclusion strategies.

Learning Objectives:

Individuals will learn to:

  • Explore root cause analysis and systemic solutions
  • Leverage the power of self awareness
  • Lead mindset change and overcoming resistance
  • Diversify leadership styles
  • Develop a culture of courage and affirmation

This session is co-facilitated by Jerilyn Johnson. 

Gala is the Diversity Officer for Greenpeace USA. She is responsible for leading and managing organization culture change process around equity, diversity and inclusion. She is a dynamic change leader, multimedia strategist, and community leader and brings more than 9 years of experience in communications, facilitation, writing and community engagement.

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