Erick Allen

In September 27, 2016
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Erick Allen
Talent Acquisition & Pipeline Development
Title :Disability Inclusion Consultant
Organization:Access Living

Leveraging Unique Talent Pools for Hard-to-Fill Positions

Everyone knows the critical role of finding the right talent for your organization. Increasingly, this task is becoming more challenging, with pressures from the competitive market, both for- and not-for-profit. Tried and true ways of recruiting candidates are less effective than in the past and organizations must look to new methods – and new talent pools – to gain a competitive advantage. This session brings together professionals representing four distinct groups of potential employees to discuss how to tap into non-traditional networks to access talent that can help move your mission forward.


This session is co-facilitated by Shannon Kissinger, Pam Silas and Dawn Mastoridis. 

Erick Allen is a disability inclusion consultant committed to creating diverse workforces. For 20 years he's guided organizations in building an inclusive environment. As an Inaugural Fellow with ADA 25 Advancing Leadership Institute, he is leading the effort to enhance the disability cultural competency of Chicago area employers.

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