Anna Spriggs

In December 22, 2016
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Anna Spriggs
Culture as a Lever for Impact
Title:Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Organization:Truth Initiative

Intersection Between Culture and Leadership

Organizational culture and leadership go hand in hand in building, driving and enhancing organizational performance. A critical component of team building is culture, because if teams are to work effectively, staff at all levels must understand and embrace the culture of the particular group and organization. There’s no doubt that today, more than ever before, a leader’s success depends on how he or she molds and develops that culture. Join Truth Initiative’s CEO, Robin Koval and Senior Vice President, Anna Spriggs, in a robust discussion moderated by Nonprofit HR's Lisa Brown Alexander, about how the organization’s leadership team embarked upon an intentional strategy to reshape Truth Initiative’s culture. Attendees will learn strategies for identifying what type of individual is cut out to lead an organization that is first defined by culture and learn about the challenges and successes of Truth Initiative from the perspective of two key leaders who hold important yet different levels of accountability for ensuring Truth Initiative’s success.


This session is co-facilitated by Robin Koval and Lisa Brown Alexander.

Anna M. Spriggs is Senior Vice President, Human Resources at the Truth Initiative. Truth Initiative is a national public health nonprofit organization in Washington, DC dedicated to achieving a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco. Ms. Spriggs joined the organization as its second employee in May 1999 and was responsible for developing the operations and human resource functions of the organization. Ms. Spriggs played an instrumental part in developing Truth Initiative into the organization it is today. Ms. Spriggs leads efforts in planning, development and implementation of human resources policies and practices. She is responsible for the organization’s HR strategic planning and delivery in recruitment and retention, benefits, training and development, compensation, legal compliance, employee relations and performance management.

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