Abby Saloma

In September 28, 2016
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Abby Saloma
Title :Senior Program Officer
Organization:The Schusterman Foundation
Nonfat Double Vanilla Extra Shot Fellowship: Building a Customizable Leadership Development Experience

Empowering and developing leaders and nurturing a strong talent pipeline will ensure that the nonprofit sector has the effective leaders needed to achieve and sustain impact. This interactive session will dive into one tactic for strategically investing in emerging leaders - a customized, participant-guided Fellowship program, designed to exponentially increase each leader's capacity to create positive change at their organization and to strengthen the sector as a whole.

The session will share the Schusterman Foundation's approach of holistically developing the "inner leader", explore the impact of creating a Fellowship experience with the intention of improving sector-wide leadership and discuss strategy for designing that program. Participants in the session will have the chance to share their approaches and experiences with sector-wide leadership development to enrich our discussion and inform collective learning.

Learning Objectives

Individuals will learn about:

  • A “customized coffee order” approach to leadership development
  • 70/20/10 model of adult learning and development
  • Designing a participant-guided leadership development experience
  • Comparing structures and approaches of leadership development programs to determine what aspects might be most effective and applicable

Abby Saloma is a senior program officer at the Schusterman Foundation, responsible for dynamic initiatives that develop leaders in Jewish nonprofit organizations. Abby brings to the Foundation a breadth of experience from the for profit and nonprofit sector, and a Leadership Coaching certification from Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership.

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